Do you really need Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox?

These days everybody uses Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera, and if it comes to macOS users, people prefer Safari. Nothing is wrong with these popular web browsers. Otherwise, I used them too, but let’s look at the finest unpopular web browsers and what they can offer.

Tor – not so darknet

Starting with Tor. This web browser is notorious thanks to its connection with the dark web. However, it is not straight made for that kind of stuff. Tor just allows a user to browse the internet anonymously and have anonymous communication with people.

The anonymous onion that works well

It works like an onion. You have many layers that will mask your identity and delete your mark. For a casual user, it is the best option if you want to get access to sites that aren’t supported in your country like PlutoTV, or you don’t want to give a website your personal data and cache history.

Falkon – small yet powerful browser

Let’s look at browsers that are more like Google Chrome. For example, Falkon is a smaller but well-optimized open-source web browser. From July 2019 Linux based operating system openMandriva uses Falkon as the default browser. It is the best solution for those who want to customise everything from icons to whole functionality. 

Brave – ad-blocking and money-making

Another good platform is Brave. The best website if you trade with cryptocurrency. In standard options, Brave blocks all ads and website trackers so you can freely browse the internet without any mark. And security is number one here because of the daily trades you have to make everything safe.

Basic Attention Token

The main feature on this web browser is its own cryptocurrency named BAT (Basic Attention Token) based on Ethereum. Everything works with this crypto, and you can earn it by watching an advertisement, making content for this browser, etc.

Vivaldi is not (only) a classical composer

Next and the last web browser is Vivaldi by Vivaldi Technologies who was developed on 6th April 2016. This cross-platform software is based on Google Chrome. Vivaldi aims mainly on technical based users. Who knows how to work with included features like the ability to stack and tile tabs, annotate web pages or add notes to bookmarks.

It also offers a minimalistic interface with few icons, simple background. Anyway, if you are not into a more technical based browser, stay away from this one.

And what is your favourite browser? Leave a comment!

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