File-sharing applications have become one of the most critical and widespread means of sharing files to enhance collaboration in the workplace in big organizations. A lot of workers have projects they work on, and most of these projects have data that cannot be sent via email. Also, there is a need for those documents to be revised and reviewed by team members. This is where FileBoom comes in, as it enhances collaboration and can be accessed freely.

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It was formerly branded as It is easy to use. You don’t waste time registering an account, registration, and connecting partners. All you need to do is to initiate a request via a large size document attachment, supply the email of the recipient, type a short message, and click send. The recipient will receive a notification containing a link to download the large file. The file size is limited anyway, but it is quicker to download and upload files.

Large videos, newly created 3D animations, and other multimedia content are always significant. If you are working remotely, for instance, and you need to share those contents with collaborators or clients, you require a faster means of getting them across to clients. In the case of other file sharing platforms, you will need to send the invitation to join and accept to the recipient before files can be shared.

This can cause unnecessary delay or affect the connection. Fileboom enables you to upload the document and send it while all the recipient needs to do to download from the email.

Is there any security concern?

Security issues have been a top priority for FileBoom when it comes to client document access. Large files and other marketing contents are taken care of by FileBoom Paypal Premium. 

What is FIleBoom Reseller?

This helps in managing and handling projects professionally. With FileBoom Reseller, there is no need of waiting for the delivery of USB as the uplink process is straightforward. Less tech-savvy users can submit documents without any challenge. This saves a lot of time to share documents with collaborators.

FileBoom Reseller is a top-notch option to share screen recorded or web-recorded file as it is straightforward to collaborate on the internet without any restriction on what is shareable.

The excellent feature of this reseller is unrestricted storage and bandwidth. If your company implement business activity online or you collaborate very often, you have something to work it now.

Unlimited storage allows you to upload as many files as you want while incurring no extra fees. LImitless bandwidth means you can share more essential documents as much as you want. There is no need to bother if you have enough bandwidth to send an important file to a client.

FileBoom Premium Account

Don’t bother searching for a faster and easy way to save and download documents. This is because the FileBoom Premium package offers downloading and storage solutions. You can buy the premium account or visit to enjoy the discount. It has four plans. The one month package provides you access to FileBoom Premium key with a fee of $15.99; the three-month premium package goes for $39.99 for just 90 days. The one year package costs $107.99, and you are guaranteed premium access to use all the features of FileBoom Premium for one year. The Lifetime plan is $155.99; you have access to all the elements for life.

If you have ever used an online service like streaming and it is free, you will discover you get interrupted by some annoying adverts. Paying for those services saves you a lot of stress and interruption instead of utilizing them for free. This is the same in case you are thinking of using the free FileBoom Premium package.

You can subscribe using Mastercard or Visa or using The Reseller Paypal directly on the website.

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