Finest infamous Netflix alternatives

If someone says, let’s watch a movie online. Most people turn on Netflix. However, what are the best alternatives to this streaming platform? I don’t mean the big ones like Disney+ or HBO, but strong underground websites that offer excellent deals for a reasonable price. Let me show you the special ones. 

Broadcasts with many authentic shows

If you are aiming at the original content, definitely choose the Blackpills studio. The project was started in 2016 in France by Patrick Holzman and Daniel Marhely. The first goal was to produce content for young people on mobile devices. But in a few years, it becomes more prominent, and now they offer more than 50 authentic shows to watch. Most of them are dramas, but I have to point out short animated comedy Vermin. This series really stole my heart with its sense of humor and creative animations. 

The second platform that comes to my mind is Crunchyroll. This streaming site also offers a lot of original content, and If you are into Anime and Manga, it is right for you. The studio was founded in 2006 and these days provide more than 900 anime shows. If you want to start there is a 14-day free trial.

Upcoming stars

Let’s introduce the real competitors of Netflix. Start with a PlutoTV, this 7 years old broadcasting website took it from the opposite end. PlutoTV was founded by Tom Ryan, Ilya Pozin, and Nick Grouf as a casual channel in television, but in 2014 expanded into the online streaming platform and in February 2020 broke the record of 22 million users. PlutoTV keeps the concept of regular television. You got a schedule, programs, etc. All shows are free to watch, but you can watch this TV only in the USA. In a few years, they want to expand into Europe.

Another big competitor to Netflix is SlingTV. It is not as big as PlutoTV but still offers a good deal. It is best if you are looking for real-time live TV. This site is owned by Dish Network, and for a little amount of money, you will get live news and select on-demand movies and shows. 

Watch with friends

In the end, I have to mention a small broadcasting service named Kast. On this platform, you can watch many shows online with your friends or family. You can also chat when you are watching a movie. It is the best solution for people who are far away from you, but you still want to have a cinema feel with them. 

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