Here is the manual that comes handy when you are working from home

Everybody loves working from home. You can wake up at any time. Have a break when you want to and do a lot of different stuff, but like everything. The home office also has its downsides. You are not as much connected to a team, and you sometimes procrastinate too much, and choosing a work time can be a problem also. Here are some tips for applications that I hope will help you with plenty of these problems.

1. Communication with team

First of all, you need a good connection with a team because without teamwork there is no proper company. For this issue, I recommend Slack or if you want something simpler than Metermost. These two applications are for simple chatting with your team, but besides Facebook.

They offer more benefits for groups like channels or events. If you need to speak with your team, there are plenty of useful apps, but I always choose Whatsapp and Skype for its excellent support and stable video chats.

2. Apps for assigning tasks

The second thing you cannot miss is the application for assigning tasks. You need a to-do list. So everybody can know what his duty is. Also, you will find a bunch of these apps on the market. It depends on what you are looking for. I recommend two of them. The first is Github. This application is hard to learn and suited more for programmers, but if you get into it. Git hub will offer you a highly effective way to organise your time.

The second one is much simpler, and it is named Trello. This “To-Do lister” will provide you with an easy way to coordinate your time. You can write an issue and then drag and drop it into a different pile.

3. Time Tracking Apps

Of course, you are the master of your own time. But without time tracking, there is no Home office. For this task, I have only one winner named Toggl. There is not a lot. I can tell you about it. You start the tracking with a start button and then stop it with the same button. You will see the time, and you can add a description—everything you need for time tracking, simple, intuitive, reliable.

And what is your favourite tool to use while working remotely?

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