Let’s compare the best game digital distribution platforms available on PC

For most of the game today, you don’t need a DVD. Time has changed, and game development with them. When you want to buy a game, you probably do it on a platform like Steam or Epic Games Store, but which one is the best? 

Steam review

Let’s start with Steam. This huge storefront started an unbelievable 16 years ago, and from that point, it makes a big difference in game development. The whole project was the idea of Valve corporation with Gabe Newell in the leading position. In the beginning, it should be just a platform for automatic updates for games like Counter-Strike, but it becomes a huge project with more and more games in it.

End of digital distribution monopoly

For a long time, Steam has had something like a monopoly in online game distribution on PC. However, in the past years, pop up one of the biggest competitor Epic Games Store and bring a new light with better prices. Steam still has the most significant amount of titles and strongest fanbase.

Epic Store Review

Epic Games Store was just a little platform with Unreal Engine, Fortnite, and a few other games from Epic games. This company almost went bankrupt, but then they came with Fortnite and an idea to compete with Steam. They started lightly with a few original titles and better prices for both customers and developers.

Epic competition to Steam

Then they bought exclusivity for Metro Exodus and a bunch of other games and lower their costs. It was made from Epic Games Store’s huge rival. Nowadays you can get free games on this store every day. Epic games are, unfortunately, behind Steam in things like support or game reviews. However, it is a healthy competition, and I really enjoy it. 

GOG, Newgrounds and Humble Bundle review

Now Let’s try to focus on unique storefronts like GOG, Newgrounds, or Humble bundle. The first one is a duty for every old school gamer because this store brings us many old titles that would otherwise be forgotten. Of course, you can buy there also new games for a reasonable price after All this platform has thumbs up for reviving and supporting old classics. On the other hand, if you are into rough indie games and you won’t spend money on every title. Try Newgrounds.

Loving community on Newgrounds

This site is unknown for many people, but Newgrounds was Founded in 1995. It is special in many ways. The major reason for this platform is a strong and loving community, original, free, and indie content, and it is a big opportunity for developers who are in the beginning.

Charity-friendly Humble Bundle

The third one is the most heartbreaking of these digital stores because this site offers big game bundles for a small amount, and typically half of the profit goes to charity. So if you want to spend money on games, first of all, try the Humble Bundle.

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