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MediaFire is a completely reliable cloud storage service that allows you to share your files or store your personal data in the minimum amount possible that is manipulated by over 50 million people from all around the world.

Once you start using MediaFire as your personal could storage, you will be surprised by the uploading speed and its download speed as a 1GB file can be easily uploaded in average 10-15 minutes while it can be downloaded in evenly the time that was acquired for uploading depending on your internet connection.

You can completely rely on MediaFire because it will never misuse your valuable data stored in the cloud. It protects your personal data with TLS protocols and encrypts every information to avoid hackers from getting into your account or to get rid of vulnerable malware attacks.

When it comes to pricing, MediaFire is way better than its other alternatives like pCloud and Onedrive as it offers you the cheapest packages possible. It has three plans that include the following:

MediaFire is easy to use for syncing your data weather in a mobile phone or a desktop. It has a user-friendly website and a mobile application that is easy to access your valuable data at any place. If you mistakenly delete your important files, you can easily restore your data from trash OR if you face any issue regarding the services, there is customer service section that can help you to sort your issues rapidly.

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