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Rapidgator works worldwide and is one of the big players in the file hoster market. It is a premium file hosting service which offers world-class file hosting service at a very reasonable price. Its been 8 years for Rapidgator in the industry and is recognised by the biggest movie host by Alexa.

Rapidgator file host review

Rapidgator has been so good that the current user count on Rapidgator has reached 71.5 million! The reason behind Rapidgator’s success is the user-friendly GUI that it offers users to upload hectic files in one go. Rapidgator allows 5Gb of file upload at a time.

Rapidgator offers various plans ranging from from17.99 dollars to 99.95 dollars. Due to the best in class service that it offers, Rapidgator is a service that is used worldwide. It also offers an affiliate program which enables its customers to earn some money using referrals.

Rapidgator offers as high as 10TB of Bandwidth enabling users to have an unlimited download and upload speed. The best thing about Rapidgator is that there are no annoying ads while the user is uploading the file also, it offers instant download without waiting. It also offers resumable and parallel downloads for effective and fast file transfer.

For users that are not familiar with Rapidgator, it offers a free trial so that the user feels safe investing his money into the Rapidgator service. In addition to the file storage, rapidgator also offers security scan to check for viruses so that the user has no worries keeping file on the Rapidgator servers in a relief that their files would not be infected with viruses.
Rapidgator offers services that range from 1 TB bandwidth to 10 TB Bandwidth and time ranging from 30 days to 365 days.

With its uncomplicated payment method, Rapidgator currently has 4 plans. The most minimal plan is of $14.99 which offers file hosting services for 30 days with 3 TB of storage space. The next plan for 30 days is of $39.99 in which the user gets 4TB of storage space and with 3 TB of bandwidth.

If the user wishes to have 6 TB of storage he can buy a plan worth $69.95 which has a validity of 30 days and has 3TB bandwidth. The most economic plan that a user can buy is of $99.95 in which the validity is of 365 days, has 12 GB of storage space with 10TB of Bandwidth.

The service offers a free version and various premium accounts, which are already available for little money, especially for longer use.

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