Real-debrid is a French multi-hosting company that promise to connect its customers with multiple file hosts including Unibytes, Tusfiles, FranceTV, HulkSHare, GigaPeta and others. It surprising that it almost became a synonym for the whole debrid industry, despite many flaws and angry comments all across the web.

So what is the power of Real-Debrid? How did it become so popular? To start with – you should know that it is one of the first premium link generators on the market. With the advantage of being first, good marketing, and pretty smooth design, it took the throne and didn’t want to let go.

Real-debrid: Cheap service, cheap execution?

Another advantage of RD is that it is cheap. The company can afford to undercut the price of their service as it holds the majority of the market anyway. Let’s face it – having the possibility to download files from over 30 hosters for a price of 4 EUR a month is really tempting. But can you really? Or does Real-Debrid not only have a cheap price tag, but also a cheap execution?

Whey you type Real Debrid issues into your search bar, something around 55k results pop up immediately. Is that a coincidence? We must admit, that some of those “problems” are the fault of customer – RD doesn’t work if not set up properly. But shouldn’t it be a priority of a premium link generator to make its usage as simple and intuitive as possible?

How many hosters Real-Debrid truly supports?

And on top of that – some of the complaints are from users that obviously set up everything right, they were just unlucky enough to use Real-Debrid when some of its hosters broke down. And that is something that happens regularly. With a flawed system like this, the connection to more than 30 hosts remains merely a false promise.

  • Affordable price
  • Kodi support
  • Decent download speeds
  • No video streaming
  • Terrible tech support
  • Some hosts DO NOT WORK


Real-debrid is a debrid that only offers basic features and around 30 hosts. It works fast and isn’t expensive. However, it has reliability issues that stop us from giving it the highest marks.

Best rated Real-debrid alternatives:


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MyDebrid won our hearts with its simplicity and mainly with the fact that it works as it should.


Twojlimit debrid review

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If you get over minor bugs, terrible design, and Polish symbols, Twojlimit does the job right.


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LinkSnappy has a fresh design and large host offer, where most of them work fine. Shame for a higher price tag.

What do you think of Real-Debrid?

There are so many different approaches when it comes down to sharing files using cloud and what is the right fit for one, can be inconvenient for others. Let us know what is your personal experience in the comments section below!


8 responses to “Real-debrid”

  1. HiGod says:

    huge dissapointing, no streaming, really? :///

  2. Missey says:

    Lot of time happened that all page just frozed, I had problem to reload it and had to download again, it’s quite annoying..

  3. peter496 says:

    nothing special, didn’t surprise…

  4. Debra Maclennan says:

    Hi, I decided to choose this because it is cheap and I wanted save some money, but next time, I will definitely choose different debrid. I am not satisfied completely.
    The price is just only one positive thing. A lots of hosts are not working, bad services.

  5. Bunnywo says:

    tried to solve my problem with login with support and they still didn’t reply, paid the price and don’t have access to it, really upset me, don’t recommend it

  6. Amiiir says:

    Kodi addon is the best feature – because of that I had RD for over three years. When it works, its a jewel. But…there are times when almost nothing works. And as I want to use a service that I pay for when I want and not when IT WANTS…bye bye Read-debrid! Stay crappy!

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