Is it safe to download from Streamcherry?

Are you searching for a perfect platform to watch your favourites videos and listen to exciting music on the internet? Streamberry offers a platform where users can upload, share, and view contents except for downloading them. If you have found an exciting and captivating content, but have not time to view or your data got exhausted, you can save and watch again next time you visit Streamberry. You can enjoy your content, anytime and anywhere you desire.

What is Streamcherry?

Streamcherry is a video streaming and file storage platform that supports any file on your media device. The file size of the streamable video is pegged at 1Gb while you can upload up to 10Gb capacity of data if you convert them to streamable video. Streamcherry does not limit the stream speed, as well as the download speed presently.

However, inactive files will be deleted after 60 days, not-streamable will also be removed, but after 30 days. Otherwise, you can host your video files forever.

The platform does not support uploading of copyrighted files, and they do not share your private information with the third party just as they claimed on their website.

Values offered

  • Fast and unlimited downloads.
  • Quality and flawless video streaming
  • Compatibility with many platforms. You can view videos from any browser and on any device.

Does that mean I can’t download at all?

If you find the content interesting and you want to download, you don’t need an add-on or special software, follow this instruction to get that content into your device and watch it without internet connectivity. You only need to utilize Streamberry downloader.

How to download with

1. Open the video and copy its URL

Look for the video you intend downloading from Having located the video, copy, and cut the URL address.

2. Open or search and paste the URL of the video.

This step is not difficult, just like the first step, which takes you closer to getting your favorite video downloaded. Having obtained the URL, search google, or any search engine, you use for 9xbuddy or type 9xbuddy in your device’s address bar.

You will see a rectangular column on the homepage. This is just below the text that has the captions ‘Enter the URL of the video..”, the next step is to paste the video file URL in that column. Having pasted the link in the column, select the Download button or press Enter if you are browsing on a laptop or computer. 

3. Extraction of Download Link. Yipee!

There is nothing much to do in this step, which is the final. This is because you will have everything processed in the background. All you need to do is to wait for the ‘magic.’ As soon as you click ‘Enter’ or ‘Download,’ the script will take some time to extract the media download links from the web link. Once the extraction is completed, and the links generated, that’s all. It will present you with different media formats and quality sizes; it is now up to you to select anyone you like.

The exciting thing is you can peruse the size of the file by clicking the show size’ button. Having clicked on your desired video format and quality. Your video will automatically download, and you will be able to see it as many times as possible. Don’t you think this is the best approach to download the video without utilizing any add-on or software? 

If you find it interesting, kindly share so others can benefit.

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