What is Turbobit?

Turbobit is a free content storage cloud platform that enables you to upload, store, and share contents or files with your network by assigning links to your contents, as well as the data of your system.

The maximum storage duration for unregistered users, whereby files are kept is seven days. Registered users can store their data for as long as 45 days commencing from the moment of the last recent download. Turbo users have storage duration added up to 90 days from the last time a file was downloaded. The platform keeps all data as long as they comply with the user agreement and do not infringe on copyright laws and legal provision of the country.

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What this means is as soon as a content is discovered to violate the legal provision in the country or infringes on the copyright, it will be removed.

Turbo Access and Turbobit Premium account

This is an upgraded solution of the file-sharing platform that provides increased speed during download, ability to resume upload after a disconnection, download via direct link, broadened storage time, and other benefits.

Turbo access enables you to improve your download speed to peak performance by choosing any of the four packages that suit your requirement.

Turbo Users have access to about 1Gb per second download speed as long as their connection permits it. To buy a membership package, you can visit their page.

I have an account, what now?

You can utilise your account on Turbobit or the Turbo code to achieve rapid downloads. In case you are purchasing Turbo access via your Turbobit registered account, you are merely authenticating your Turbobit account with the Turbo access- the active period equals the period when the access code was purchased. Every subsequent purchase of the access code adds to the length of time of the Turbo access. Every link to a file that leads you to

Turbobit downloads with the rapid downloading speed. You can still utilise it even if you are not purchasing the Turbo access via your Turbobit account. Click the downloading link on Tirbobit and select Gold downloading, then input the Access code in the respective field and then login. You will have access to the relationship of the premium download couple with rapid speed. If you already have the access code and will like to utilise your account with the rights, input your access code as you are authenticated on the Turbobit website. You can then download any content on this website.

Common issues – quick helper

Ensure cookies are enabled on your browser, and the software being used does not block them just like some firewalls.

If you do not receive a notification or email notification after registration, you can contact support by supplying the phone number, and the e-money account you utilised during payment. Also, add the mobile phone provider, time mark when the message was sent, and other things you feel will be valuable to assist.

Note that if you are experiencing a lower upload and download speed, you might need to check with your internet service provider. Also, you could experience a lag in speed if the file is popular with a lot of users downloading it at the same time. Why is this so? The server automatically distributes the load on all users. If you want your download to be prioritised, you can become a Turbo user or download at another period of the day when the traffic is low.

For those who are receiving FILE NOT FOUND error message, it could be that the file has been deleted from the server. The reasons for this could be if the files have infringed on the copyright or the storage duration has elapsed.

The overall download size is limited by the settings of your provider and the client status on Turbobit. If you are freely using Turbobit, you can download up to 5Gb if you are downloading continually, but have it at the back of your mind that the free plan is restricted.

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